Thursday, June 6, 2013

Front Yard Nature

Here's a quick peek at some of the critters around the house that I've photographed recently.  I'm still learning how to use our fancy camera, so this is good practice.

We have a patch of Gregg's Mistflower out front that attracts all kinds of beautiful butterflies and moths.  I would love to have more butterfly plants when we xeriscape our yard eventually.  

A pretty mint green spider on one of the succulents.  

Happy Thursday!

Daily Dog - HARCOURT

Harcourt is thought to be an Anatolian Shepherd mix about 1 year old.  What a sweet face!  Click on his name for a link to a video of him in action - he looks like a ton of fun!  He has been at the Austin Animal Center since April, and he is ID#A652879.  Go meet him today!

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