Monday, June 3, 2013

See this Film: Frances Ha

First, lets just say that I find Greta Gerwig completely irresistible; and, because Noah Baumbach was a part of writing The Life Aquatic, I will see anything he does.  This particular film is the best that he's directed yet.
Frances Ha is a funny and charming character study about a girl in her late twenties trying to find her place in the modern world of New York City.  We follow her through struggles with friendship, love ("undateable"), the city, creative fulfillment, and life in general.  It is beautifully shot in black & white, and has a fantastic soundtrack that includes this gem:

I especially loved the editing of this film.  The inclusion of short cuts of momentary scenes from Frances' life work to create an unusually well-rounded character that is so enjoyable.
If you're not sold after the first few scenes, or put off by some of the crass dialogue, stick with it.  It will hit its stride, I promise.

Daily Dog - ABBY

Abby is a red lab mix estimated to be about 5 years old, and is very sweet.  Her ID# is A525213, and is adoptable through the Austin Animal Services shelter.  She's been at the shelter since March, so she is very ready for a proper home!  Go meet her today!

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